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Drifts / Steels information

Wire rope assemblies are known variously as drifts, steels, strops, bonds etc.etc., largely dependent on size and application.

In the entertainment industry, as well as “flying” performers they are used for hanging scenery and props., lighting ladders, speakers – just about anything and everything that needs to be suspended. In conjunction with a suitable clip they can be used on lamps and any other equipment that requires a safety bond.

Our stock range consists of black and plain galvanised wire rope in lengths from 1 meter to 10 meters with soft eyes (no thimble) at both ends. Overall lengths quoted are maximum eye to eye measurements with eyes uncompressed. The length of these eyes is approximately 60 to 80mm according to the diameter of the wire rope.

Hard eyes (with plain galvanised thimble) are available as an option from the drop down menu.

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Standard drifts are finished with black heatshrink and labelled with a nominal safe working load calculated using the minimum breaking load according to the EN12385 standard for wire ropes, and a 5:1 factor of safety. While the 5:1 ratio might be a good enough guideline for dead hanging scenery etc., in reality the safety factor has to be adjusted according to the application and the responsibility for the correct selection and installation of drifts lies entirely with the end user.

Drifts can be supplied labelled with a unique I.D. number and batch testing certificate. There is a set up charge of £8.00 for the first certificate – this includes destructive testing of a sample taken from the same batch of wire rope being used to make the drifts. Subsequent certificates issued for drifts of the same type and wire diameter are charged at £3.00.

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