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Nicopress information

Kirby’s AFX use Nicopress for onsite termination of the wire rope in our performer flying systems. We have over half a century of practical hands on experience with this crimping system and can recommend it very highly.

A Nicopress ferrule correctly matched in size and fully pressed will not fail below the standard m.b.l. of the wire rope it is being used to terminate. In our own destructive testing the sample always breaks (often at around 20% over the standard m.b.l.) before there are any signs of slippage through the ferrule.

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The 64-CGMP has jaws capable of crimping 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm oval type ferrules.

The 51-X-850 is for 5mm and the 3-F6-950 is for crimping 6mm ferrules.

Instructions for use and adjustment are included.

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We only sell genuine Nico ferrules in zinc plated copper.  They are recommended for use with our range of galvanised – plain and black – wire rope.

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